Juvenile Kimono (Gi) - Black/Pink
Juvenile Kimono (Gi) - Black/Pink

Juvenile Kimono (Gi) - Black/Pink

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Our new Juvenile Gis were designed specifically for kids, sizes for 5 to 13 years olds. The entire look has been based off of the adult Women's Adult Gi so that kids can match their BJJ heroes, but made with the child's needs in mind. The fabric is light weight for better movement, the newly updated patches redesigned to fit their smaller frame. The lapels are thinner than the adult gis for better fit but made with the same EVA foam as the adult gis to keep germs away it's stiff nature makes it difficult for your opponent to grip. Check out our size chart to find the best fit for your future black belt.


-IBJJF Approved

-Available in White/Pink, Blue/Pink, Black/Pink

-Lightweight for child's size

-Sizes M0-M4 for 5-13yrs old.

-100% cotton

-EVA foam lapel, repels germs
-Belt Not Included 


Made in Brazil, Est 1988