Original Ultra Light Kimono - Black

Original Ultra Light Kimono - Black

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The Ultra Light Gi is one of the Lightest Gis on the market. Perfect for competition where  you need to make weight or for daily training where you want movement and not a ton of bricks weighing you down.

Available in more sizes, including:

 Sizes ‘L’ and ‘H’

L – stands for Long, made for those with longer limbs. The jacket is 2 cm longer in the arm and body length than our traditional sizes.

H – stands for Hefty, made for stronger, thicker individuals. The jacket is wider, both in the arms and body, than our traditional sizes.


Sizes Available:

A0 / A1 / A1L / A1H / A2 / A2L / A2H / A3 / A3L / A3H / A4 / A5

Made in Brazil, the home of BJJ.