Frequently Asked Questions

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Your order ships directly to you from Keiko Sports USA in Phoenix, AZ

Every item you purchase online from, or through our Keiko Sports USA social media pages Facebook and Instagram, ship directly to you from our Official Keiko Sports location in the USA, located in Phoenix, AZ. This ensures that you get the fastest shipping at the lowest available rate. 

Please allow a minimum of 1-2 business days for us to prcoess and ship your package. 

Domestic Orders are shipped via USPS & UPS

International Orders & P.O. boxes are shipped via USPS

EXCHANGES: Must be made within 30 days of purchase. We make exchanging easy; If you would like to exchange a product for another, the first thing to do it to make sure your product is in NEW condition, unworn and unwashed will all original tags/stickers. Then just email us at to request an exchange label. We'll email you one FREE of charge via email. You just print it, place it on the package and drop it off at any USPS location or with any USPS driver. That's it.

In the package place a note letting us know which item you'd like to exchange it for. Please make sure that you send us detailed information (item name, color, size, quantity) as well as your full name, shipping address and phone number/email so that we can process as quickly as possible. 

International Orders/Customers must pay shipping for exchange/return labels

RETURNS: Must be made within 30 days of purchase. If you would like to Return a product and receive a refund, please ship the items back to us at Keiko Sports USA (address can be found on your previous package or on your order email). In the package place a note explaining what you would like us to do (ie: Return/Refund)  as well as your Reason for Return. Please make sure to send us detailed information including your full name, shipping address and phone number/email, so that we may contact your if needed and process your Refund as quickly as possible. Refunds will be returned to the original form of payment and may incur a charge of 5% from the value of the item purchased. 

Customer is responsible for sending the item back to Keiko Sports USA. Merchandise must be in NEW condition, unworn and unwashed with all original tags /stickers. Shipping amount will not be refunded.

International Orders/Customers must pay shipping for exchange/return labels

If you purchased an item and notice a defect, please contact us within 72 hours of receiving your order, please email us at with a photo of the defect and a detailed explanation. We cannot accept items as defected due to improper wash and/or dry (ie, washing your Gi in bleach or soaking your Gi and having it tear)

Keiko Sports makes all of our own gear in our own factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil so we are proud to stand by the quality of our gear. 


Keiko Sports recommends washing your new kimono in a cool wash and hang drying the kimonos to keep it from shrinking too much on the sleeve and pant lengths.

Keiko Gis are 100% Cotton and preshrunk on the body, but we give you the option to shrink up the sleeves and pants length up to 2 inches, for those with a shorter reach. A warmer wash and dry will help to shrink up your gi. 

Tip: Be sure to wash and dry your New Kimono/Gi before sewing on any patches.


Our Kimonos are known for having a slighlty longer lapel (or body) to help with lapel chokes and more importantly to make sure that your kimonos is IBJJF Competition Approved. 

Keiko Gis are exclusively made in Brazil. We have been making our Gis and every one of our products in our factory in Sao Paulo, BR since we first began in 1988. Gis made in Brazil are far different in quality, fit and sizing than those made in other countries, our strong cotton makes a huge difference in the quality of our kimonos. We also have a different cut than other Gi brands in that generally our Gis fit larger than other brands. Make sureto use our Size Charts to find your perfect fit. 

To help you find the right sizes for your specific body type, formost of our kimonos, you may select a top size and a pants size seperately, they don't need to match. We understand that everyone is unique and your Gis fit should match that. 

Remember when you try on your New Gis, close it up, extend your arms out straight in front of you and from there imagine that it will shrink back about 2 inches from there (ex: if it ends at your fringertips it will shrink back to around your knuckles, if it ends at your knuckles it will shrink back to about your wrists after washing and drying, etc...) As for your pants, they will shrink up in length (only if they are cotton) about 2 inches. The width will stay the same. Rip Stop Pants will not shrink any noticeable difference. 

Keiko Gis come in a variety of options for design, color, weave pattern and weight. We actually have one of the lightest gis on the market at just 1.95 lbs (Ultra Light Gi with Rip Stop Pants Size: A0). The weight of the Gi will differ depending on the Design and Pants chosen as the Cotton Pants tend to weight more than the Rip Stop Pants.

Generally, in order of lightest to heaviest, our Gis weigh as follows:


Most Keiko Gis are IBJJF Approved for competitions. The only ones that are not, are the ones that are not within the accepted colors such as the Camo Gi or our specialty color gis such as the Navy, Red, etc... but YES our White, Royal Blue and Black Gis are IBJJF Approved.