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Balance Kimono (Gi) - White

Balance Kimono (Gi) - White

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One of our 'best sellers' and we can see why. The quality and the look of this Gi is unmatched!

The Balance Gi: same Material as the Limited Series Gi (which makes it a middle-weight gi) but in a Slim Fit Cut. Clean look with a print detail inside the jacket. Comes with Rip Stop pants with matching detail embroidery.

500 gsm, double weave Gi Jacket

Available in New Sizes:

Sizes ‘L’ and ‘H’

L – stands for Long, made for those with longer limbs. The jacket is 2 cm longer in the arm and body length than our traditional sizes.

H – stands for Hefty, made for stronger, thicker individuals. The jacket is wider, both in the arms and body, than our traditional sizes.


Sizes Available:

A0 / A1 / A1L / A1H / A2 / A2L / A2H / A3 / A3L / A3H / A4 / A5

Available in White or Black

Made in Brazil, the home of BJJ.

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