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Kids Lutador 2.0 Fight Shorts - Black

Kids Lutador 2.0 Fight Shorts - Black

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The updated version of our Original Fighter Shorts (aka Lutador Shorts), one of our most popular grappling shorts. Ultra lightweight, at only 4 oz., and built for maximum mobility and comfort. We've got these for adults and kids.

Sizes go by age, Size 4 is for a 3-4 year old.

If you know your child to be large for his/her age, please select a size or two above. 

- IBJJF Approved for No-Gi Competitions
- Lightweight, perfect for making weight
- Velcro T-strap closure plus drawstring for ultimate hold
- Slits as side for maximum movement
- Made in Brazil by Keiko Sports est 1988 


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